Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Grabbing ass in this day and age???

Seriously? Really??? Are there still guys out there thinking that grabbing ladies booty will get you laid? How is that working for you buddy? matter of fact, I bet you are the same faggot protesting against catholic priests touching little boys booty holes. The irony is that you are no different my young man. You are just as disturbed and need help.

Maybe it's my fault; I should have posted those tips on how to get laid long ago already. Alternatively, it could be your mom's fault too! She should have done the world a favor and smothered you at child birth. Whatever the cause may be, seriously gents, it is not cool to just randomly grope any woman's booty. No matter how beautiful, luscious and appetizing it looks. It is not Ayoba to just do it. That is not what the Nike slogan means. There are ways and means to go about doing this and if you are not educated in that field, feel free to consult me. I would gladly give you lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays on how to put the sensual back into non-consensual. 

People get killed for less gents so let us not have a misunderstanding. Grabbing a woman's ass is not cool and that is how rapist tendencies evolve. Yes, we know, your daddy touched your sister then climbed in your bed playing with your junk. Go ahead, take your belt off and hang yourself, matter of fact, grab your gun and kill yourself! And if you are too pussy to even do that(which you probably are) feel free to come to me or my crew.

Colin out....

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