Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Vienna Nights....

Myself and KingKenny set off on a reconnaissance mission to Vienna, Austria last week on a 7 day expedition. As we have been to this city before with ElectroSeb, we had high expectations. Upon arrival the Sunday afternoon, I rung up KingKenny who had already checked in to our hotel as he flew in fresh from Barcelona. He informed me that we staying in a pimped out boutique hotel and boy was he right! I've never received better service at any hotel thus far. Much respect and big ups to Steigenberger Hotel Herrenhof.
We started walking around in the city and whilst amazed and stunned by the cities beauty and architecture, I was saddened by the night life. You see for a young thunderkatt from Cape Town, Sunday Sundowner sessions is a must and vital for any city. I frantically called all my Viennese people but to no avail. When I managed to get a muster of response, they all merely mumbled that they are recovering and hungover as hell. "This is going to be a long week" I told KingKenny as we headed back to the hotel to ransack the mini bar.

Monday started off gently as "Roos Dookin" and his crew took us to Fridays for dinner and drinks. He explained why nobody responded on Sunday but to me that still didn't make sense. As his explanation was ringing around in my head, I experienced something that doesn't happen in Sweden. The waiter just came and dropped a few round of drinks and said "this is on the house guys". Needless to say this led to more of those and we ended off the night at some Irish pub. Clearly hanging with "Roos Dookin" and his crew had its perks. Still being tired and not wanting to overexert ourselves, we jumped to the opportunity of dinner at Gabreezi and his Mrs place on Tuesday. He definitely upgraded as he has a stylish and retro new apartment in a great district.

Wednesday was the day/night I was actually looking forward to the most. "Roos Dookin" had hyped up this club so much, I was like a kid on Christmas eve. We started out first with dinner and drinks at CoachAwesome's favorite restaurant. Coincidentally it was filled with Arsenal fans so I kept my opinion to myself as I was clearly outnumbered here. Myself and KingKenny went back to the hotel to get ready for the club but he had to retire as the battle with flu had taken its toll on him. I set out and met "Roos Dookin" and his sidekick as we walked to what look like a hot dog stand. I knew it wasn't a hot dog stand because why would all these beautiful people queue all dressed up for hot dogs.

It turns out this club, Passage, used to be a pedestrian underpass that was empty for many years before being turned into one of the hottest bar and night clubs in the world(Yeah I said it)... The lighting and decor is trendy and very posh. The sound is amazing and the bar staff mixes a mean cocktail. We went straight into the V.I.P section with "Roos Dookin" and his sidekick. I could immediately tell that he goes there a lot. This was clearly evident as one barman offered us some kick ass drinks on sheer sight. Roos asked if I had ever encountered 'ratchet' women to which I obviously replied 'No'. He laughed and saw this as a clear opportunity to demonstrate this to me by ordering bottles of vodka and red bulls. Immediately we were swarmed and surrounded by females who started grinding vigorously like their life depended on it. Roos just laughed and shouted 'Now that is ratchet'. I left the V.I.P area to explore the rest of the club and not be treated like some drinks provider. Hell, I work damn hard for my money and I already have 'ScienceGirl' so no thanks 'girl that is grinding for drinks'. Colin don't roll like that.
I was pleasantly surprised that 'ratchet' and pretentious douche was only 20% of the Passage crowd. With that thought in mind, I lost myself in the music and hit the dance floor. I must of been dancing for quite some time because when I got back to our area, "Roos Dookin" had gotten more drinks. I am not entirely sure how we got home but the next morning "Roos Dookin" woke up in our hotel.
By Thursday, all I wanted was just to come back to Stockholm and relax with 'ScienceGirl' but that dream was quickly crushed. You see in Vienna, Thursday is called Thirstday and myself and KingKenny were invited to BarItalia for mojito's and caipirinha's with AustrianChick and her entourage. The night started out mellow and very relaxed. However, it ended with myself and KingKenny finding our way to the dance floor and me being put in a cab back to the hotel as I was unable to speak German.

By Friday I was once again thankful that AustrianChick invited us to dinner and drinks at her place as I surely needed a relaxing evening. She clearly is in the wrong industry as she whipped up a superb 3 course dinner from scratch and sent me on a mission to get some sturm, an Austrian wine to complement the dinner. I was quickly kidnapped by KingKenny and "Roos Dookin" and they lured me; very easily I may add; to a local basketball game with beer. We returned to AustrianChick's apartment just in time for dinner as all her guests had arrived and she quickly forgave my incompetence with shots of austrian schnapps. We left dinner just after midnight to hook up with "Roos Dookin" and his crew at Fragezeichen(which means Question mark in English). I once again realized that this was his mates club as our seating area was reserved and quickly filled with vodka and red bulls.

What happen after the 3rd bottle of vodka I cannot for the life of me remember but I know I had a self induced heart attack and brain aneurysm the next day when checking my bank statement. Apparently, and this is according to "Roos Dookin" and receipts found in my wallet, we went to some place called Volksgarten where I too wanted to pop bottles and live the Roos Dookin lifestyle. Listen and learn from me people, stay in your financial lane! The Roos Dookin lifestyle is not for everybody! I am part of that everybody!

After a quick brunch on Saturday morning, I was suppose to meet up with 'CameraChick' to attend a video shoot. 'CameraChick' is a young and talented photographer with a lot of insight in the Vienna culture and scenes. Needless to say I was confused when I arose from the hangover of hell to find out I missed our appointment. In true Colin fashion I just shrugged my shoulders and figured "ah well, next time" and continued drinking.
If only I could remember the rest of Saturday, I would honestly tell you about it. However, for the life of me, I really cant. On Sunday morning myself and KingKenny set off to the airport. The city was dead and derelict. Not a single person in sight and it was already 9 in the morning. I was baffled and stunned but soon realized why exactly a week before, I was in the same situation unaware of why Vienna sleeps on a Sunday.

The extent of my party ways only dawned on me when I ordered sushi with 'ScienceGirl' back in Stockholm. My card was declined but once again, in true Colin fashion, I always have a back up card LOL. I ended off a perfect week with sushi, perfect football and a perfect woman. Life is good.

Colin Out...

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