Friday, 12 October 2012

Do ThunderKatts retire or just retreat?

This question has been hovering around in my subconscious for quite some time now. And seeing that 'winter is coming' I cant help but ponder on it some more. Obviously the answer is pretty simple if you a Party Kat in Sweden, then yes, you hibernate. If you in a relationship, then obviously you are forced to say yes too(just make sure your Mrs isn't standing behind you before you dare answer no and acting all manly). But what if you a real ThunderKatt? I'm not talking about these young bloods running around acting a fool and just being ignorant. I'm talking about old school ThuderKatt. At this point if you asking what is the criteria for ThunderKatt? Please stop reading and a) continue playing World of Warcraft while your insanely HOT Mrs is getting ready for a night out with the ladies. b) try stealing your testicles from your partner/spouse's handbag. I'm sure its rolling around next to the vanity mirror and lipstick.

ThunderKatts back in the day
What do we do? I'm asking because I also don't know. You see in 2011 my motto was "Because I Can" and that led to many a great night and some insane memories but also total destruction and ruin at times. Before that, in 2010, I think we all adapted the "feel it, it is here" motto and that too had its ups and downs. For the latter part of 2012 I have dropped "YOLO" and gone for "Moments" which has been working wonders thus far. More than wonders I should add but that's for another day.  

new motto???
With me not going to The Great CPT for my annual summer break with The Lad Fraternity in December, I'm really asking all the brothers out there, what do you do over here in Europe in winter? I've seen so many fellas going into hibernation and becoming depressed during this period. I sincerely do not wish for that to happen. What do the real ThunderKatts do? With all that being said, I'm off to a Knife Party concert with 'ScienceGirl' because retirement is not an option. 

Colin out....

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