Thursday, 25 October 2012

Meet The Parents

There are a few things more scarier and terrifying to a ThunderKatt. Bear in mind that it takes a lot to make a true ThunderKatt nervous. Jail and the police? nah. Unemployment and being broke? hell, we wrote the manual on how to survive that. However, meeting the parents, that's right up there alongside prostate and rectal examination. Damn, I'm even sweating just typing this...

Last week I had the fun and stressful ordeal of meeting the 'ScienceGirl' clan. Yip! brother, sister and parents so you can only imagine the nerves of steel I required. From the feedback and response I was given, I apparently did a sterling job and was well impressive. This comes to me as a massive shock because I think I had a horrendous meet and at times literally just wanted to crawl into Mother Earth and die. With all of that said and done, I decided to help you fellow up and coming ThunderKatts with some helpful tips and guides on what NOT to do.


For the love of God and Black Baby Jesus, never ever be late! Rather be standing there waiting with flowers 1 hour before the agreed time but don't be late. My dumb ass got lost and couldn't find the Opera house(yes, we went to the Opera with her family). Needless to say I was then sweating like a Kenyan Olympic athlete who just completed the 3000m final due to all the running around. Do not be late.


You can never, ever, ever go wrong with a lovely tailored suit. My dumb ass thought I would go retro/vintage with mustard chino's, a fitted shirt and knitwear. That might sound okay but bear in mind we went to the Opera and it was raining. Rain and mustard chino's don't go well together.


By now you obviously know that 'ScienceGirl' is Swedish so obviously her mother tongue is Svenska. With my smart ass not being able to speak Swedish, this automatically places me on the back foot. Don't let this happen to you too. Learn the language fool, its not that hard.(I've since been attending Swedish classes on the regular). Yip, 'ScienceGirl' sooo hot make a brother wanna learn Swedish.


As we were at an Opera performance, I needed to dig deep into the memory bank and recall conversations and interactions with my boy Luthando Qave. This did benefit me a bit as I could at least have a meaningful conversation with Mrs 'ScienceMom'. Score!

All in all, above all my mistakes and mishaps, I apparently did well according to 'ScienceGirl' so I am happy. With another jam packed weekend on the horizon, I still need to fill you in on LaFaille and CrayZee's parties. So stay tuned, updates to follow.

Colin Out...

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