Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Star Struck? Nah!

As a young lad that is crazy about football, when Super Sunday approaches, I usually have two mildly raucous evenings just before the big day. This way, I can enjoy Super Sunday in the best possible position and condition; wasted, hungover and paralytic. For those lost souls that have a question mark on their face about Super Sunday, please hand in your man card and give your other testicle to your partner/wife/spouse as well.  
The Drinking and Super Sunday Gods must have decided to bless their favorite son as my weekend could not have started any better. I was offered box tickets by 'ScienceGirl' to a local football match between Djurgården and BK Häcken. In my mind, this was perfect. I've been to numerous rugby matches in the private suites courtesy of 'WhiteRhino' and 'StreetKat' back in Cape Town. So I was gearing up for a night filled with debauchery, beer, liquor and of course football. However, to my somewhat expected surprise, this was not the case. Remember, we are in Sweden people! 

The food was excellent and divine, there was no strong liquor and the beer was watered down to a non-efficacious 3,5%. I didn't care because I got to spend more time with 'ScienceGirl' who happens to like football as well. I kinda felt like the title to Wiz Khalifa's new album, O.N.I.F.C because I quickly noticed that I was the only brother of pigment up in there. Still, I couldn't be bothered. Then out of my peripheral vision I saw a familiar face. I kept thinking to myself "hold on a minute, I know this dude" and then it struck me. This was Patrick Vieira! According to 'ScienceGirl'(and I cant confirm this), I went so pale that I actually blended in with my fellow Caucasian brothers. She obviously found this amusing and said it reminded her of the time she met Dennis Rodman. I finally built up the courage to go over to him after numerous watered down beers and was pleasantly surprised. He is actually a cool and calm dude and nothing like the aggressive Vieira vs Keane battles we used to see. 

Saturday proved a different kettle of fish as it was 'Botham' farewell party. I really cant tell you much of this night as there were copious amounts of booze, the police was involved and the entire Crew was there. I'm still waiting for pictures or videos to surface as these things usually triggers my memory. All I know is that on Sunday I woke up wasted, not knowing where I was or how I got there but I was in time for Super Sunday.

Colin out....

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