Thursday, 20 September 2012

Recession! What Recession?

I literally have to write this post from the hospital as I injured my back earlier today. How exactly did that happen you ask? No, it was not related to any sexual game or kinky role play! I simply fell of my chair whilst assessing my finances! Yes, it would appear that my somewhat frivolous partying lifestyle has caught up with me! To ensure that this does not happen to my fellow ThunderKatts and Mzanzi brethren, I have outlined a few pointers and tips to guide and help you in avoiding this situation:  

1. Listen to the specialists.   

For the last 5 years I was being ignorant and hard headed when people said "there is a recession" I was jokingly dancing and shouting "what recession" as I continued to bottle pop, model drop and strip club hop. Which brings me to my next point.... 

2. Leave the bottles for the rap artists.

Buying rounds of drinks is okay but 12 bottles for 10 people is just silly. Trust me, those girls you going home with wont remember you anyway.  

3. Drink responsibly. 

I finally found out that responsibly is not a drink nor a person. For years I wondered what my beloved mother was on about when she said 'drink responsibly' but at least now I know. 

4. Get a girlfriend.

Yeah I said it. Single life is damn expensive people! Bottle poppin' model droppin' strip-club hoppin' till 7am on a weekday then doing it all over again the next day is no joke! That shit is expensive and doing it 4/5 days in a row is hideous and serves no purpose. For who? For what? Yeah sure you will have to do couple stuff but trust me, that is far far cheaper than the alternative lifestyle. Which leads me to the last point....

5. Party in your financial lane.

This is much easier when you have a girlfriend. I have been observing my mates, and the ones with ladies avoids partying with me. The other single ones goes just as H.A.M as I do. When you have a lady, she will fuck you up if you party with us because she has a hint of how things go down. You therefore stay in your financial lane and rather opt for the safe option of romantic movies, popcorn and snuggle struggle.  

If any of these tips still doesn't appeal to you, then to hell with it. I cant repay you for the time that you spent reading this. However, next time you see me in the club, slide over and say "lets pop bottles" and we'll call it even. You might just end up so shit faced that you don't remember your own name but hey, these things happen! 

Colin out......


  1. Miss you man, miss our night outs and miss going crazy with my african brother.

    Stay black


  2. HaHaHa we miss you too over here in the STO Bobby. We went to Kevin Hart last week and we really missed you then the most playa. It was an insane night!