Sunday, 29 January 2017

My fall from grace

Have you ever wondered why you don't see small little watches for infants(even as accessories)? That's because kids literally have zero concept of time. People always claim to give "zero f*cks" but I firmly believe that title goes to kids. They truly don't give a single f*ck about you nor their own damn appointments they need to be at and I love it! It is very admirable. 

 Just toggling between Mini-me's food schedule, slotting in play dates, attending öppna förskolan(its basically creche for kids that's not eligible for creche yet), clinic appointments, shopping for food and occasionally cleaning the apartment to look somewhat less crackish, there is hardly time for nut busting. Maybe this is why most single dads are more jacked up than a juiced katt in SATS(the gym) over here. 

But as I mentioned before, you have to admire children's concept of time. You may wonder, what does time have to do with the title "my fall from grace" but stick with me and allow me to explain...

Just over 4 months ago, my life was at the point of "Self Actualization". Now for those of you not so familiar with Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I have added a picture instead to illustrate. 
I had reached the peak of life and had the esteem, confidence, courage, love and achievement to conquer anything. In my mind, I was busy preparing for life in the forest with my little family and starting to embrace the upcoming life of suburbia. Little did I know that the wheels of destruction and annihilation has already been put in motion on my so-called happy life. I must of been totally oblivious to all the signs that a colossal crash was about to occur. Its probably all that nut busting that made me blind. Nonetheless, fast forward to the present moment and I am all the way at the bottom of the hierarchy on "Physiological Needs" now. It was not a gentle fall so needless to say that many wounds needs to be healed right now. This is where time comes in and why I wish I had a kids perception and ideology of time. 

I understand that sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been to stand back up taller than you ever were but that is easier said than done. 

Who knows, maybe one day when time has healed all the wounds, I will be able to drive past the house in the forest that could've been and just laugh at all of this. Hopefully the new owners wont call the cops because of the non-Caucasian male with big hair driving and lurking past their home with a binoculars and box of tissues. If any of you thunderkatts out there know how to speed up time, holla at your boy! 

Barry IN


  1. All that shitty clichés
    'take this time to focus on yourself'
    'Use your free time to grow as a person'
    'Eventually time heals'
    Bla bla fucken bla it's all kak prat to the highest degree....broken hearts are just that, do what you would do if you dropped a glass, don't try to put it back together...simply sweep it up and throw it in the bin...

    You are worth more than memories. It might not seem like it now, but every shit storm only lasts that long...and as soon as your winter spell is broken and the sun no longer sets, that's when you too will see your silver lining.

    I love you #fokhulle

  2. of those cliches will help you lift your arm to throw that glass into the bin.

  3. Good read. Embrace life.enjoy then journey.

  4. Good read. Embrace life.enjoy then journey.

  5. Remember what I always say: You are being prepared for bigger and better things. Some things in life just can't be pressed or pushed to happen sooner or later. It happens at the right time. Go through the motions, it's human. Take it one day at a time. Love you.