Monday, 2 January 2017

Moving start to 2017

On The Move Again 

Man I thought 2016 started rough but boy does 2017 come with a unique set of challenges! All sideline projects and mini goals need to be set aside for the main goal which is: Secure a place to call home for myself and Mini-me. Sounds easier said than done but ask any immigrant in Stockholm, it's not that easy. Coming from Africa we do not have the financial infrastructure, support and old money that the locals possess. Matter of fact, majority of us still need to send a percentage back home because that is just how redistribution of the wealth works. But, I digress, let me not bore you with the details of The Black Curse and the unfair playing ground. 

After being told to get up from my knees as that is not the way to secure a home loan(get your mind outta the gutter, I was begging not blowing), I left my bank slightly depressed. Yet still had a little joy in knowing that when I do return with the deposit years from now, they probably wouldn't remember me. Don't get me wrong, I do not want a Nkandla style estate like my boy Jacob. I just require something small, safe and cozy for myself and Mini-me. 

Speaking of Jacob, option 2 of joining the dark forces would sound enticing but I don't think Mini-me would like visiting her dad behind bars. So we return to the drawing board for an amicable solution. The separation laws/rights for common law partners in Sweden is tricky yet straightforward. Everything is based around Mini-me requiring a stable home. With that said, SnowFlake and I are trying to go about this break up in the most civil and courteous manner. This in itself is obviously challenging for a brother from the Cape Flats but, so far so good. 

Barry IN


  1. Hi Mr Isaacs, good read, been following and youre on the right track. I always say things could have been a million times worse. You are healthy, have a healthy beautiful baby Girl and the privellage and honour of being called Dadda. The way i see it youre a blessed man. You will over come, you will succeed and like all other challenges this too shall pass. Proud of you and your desire to make the best choices for mini-me!I am pretty sure you will make a huge success out of the hand you've been dealt. Blessed and prosperous 2017 to you!Bronwyn

  2. Buddy,life has its challenges however, God doesn't give us challengea we cannot manage... challenges develop character, inner strength and wisdom. Go out there, embrace life and keep going. Only your best is good enough. God bless buddy. Everything will come to you at God's time, delayed gratification is one thing I've learnt through self discovery. Keep surrounding yourself with individuals whom will uplift you in order to reach your Goals. A blessed and happy 2017 to you and yours. Miss St.Clair

  3. Yep, this too shall pass. Like I said, focus on lilla bus, your job and studies. In the meantime, I hope and pray that you get sorted with accommodation soon. We Capies are tougher than we think. We raised you in His ways, so nothing untoward will happen that is not in His will. Stay strong, keep your head up high. We are proud of you, always. We keep praying for you. Love. Mom.

  4. My man, nothing but blessings and prayers are thrown your way. The sacrifices you made and now the greatest sacrifice is challenging yourself to better the life to sustain mini-you the best possible way through your goals. Stay focused, remain positive and pray daily. Success is around the corner, just walk the right direction.

    Strongs pal