Thursday, 28 May 2015

What happens in Vegas follows you forever

We all know that famous saying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" bad news kids, it doesn't! In this day and age of social media slavery, nothing stays in Vegas and everything will come back to bite you in the ass numerous times. Whether its a bad credit record as a result of bottle poppin' and model droppin' or herpes or even just the realization that you a dumb ass for dropping out of Uni, it will come back to haunt you.

Luckily for me I skipped the herpes part but am a 'victim' of the former. I remember in 2012 I wrote a post stating that you should "party within your financial lane" but clearly never took my own advice. So 3 years on let me rewrite that post with some amendments:

1. Save! Save! Save! 
Yes we heard this before and booooo its boring and redundant I know, but trust me young thunderkatts, save! Even if you put away just 15% of your monthly salary every pay day, you will reap the rewards 5,10,15 years down the line. 

2. Leave the credit cards for the rappers and ballers. 
Let go of that desire for that Black American Express card unless you come up with a catchier phrase than "Im inlove with the CoCo". Cut up that credit card and party within your financial lane. Soon you wont even know that you missing it. 

3. Stay in school. 
If you in University or College and even thinking of "maybe I should take a break" or "I can finish this later", stop right there, slap yourself with a cactus and stay in school! Education is the most powerful tool you will ever need. Apart from that prized possession between your legs, Education is the ONLY other 'organ' that opens doors. 

As I currently embark on a new journey and hustle path due to 'unforeseen' and historical circumstances, I cant help but reflect back on my previous errors and hope that other young thunderkatts do not make the same mistakes. Save money, leave the credit and stay in school my brethren. And remember, whats happens in Vegas, stays on Facebook and YouTube forever and your offspring will want to know why daddy is snorting something out of Uncle Jimmy's butthole. 

Isaacs still looking.....

ps. don't forget to hook a brother up, its harsh out here in the EU. Also for more financial guidance on what NOT to do, feel free to contact me for complimentary tips on how not to make dumb ass decisions. 

Isaacs out for real.... 

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  1. This must be the only piece of advice i'll ever take from you Isaacs!!! Lol, that empty tin of a brain you have is filling up with sustaining survival advice