Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Stay tuned for the next episode

I've been contemplating for a while now on whether to migrate this to a new site. A great deal has endured and taken place since my last blog post. The parents were over to visit and experienced some great Swedish traditions such as Sommar rain, Swedish summer, Swedish safety and just the all-round beauty and magnificence that Sweden possess. We were a tad bit nervous upon their arrival and blew a massive sigh of relief when we saw them pass the gates at Arlanda terminal 5. Most of the anxiety was due to whether my ou' G would make it through. He is the kinda pops that will go and tell the pilot to slow the plane down because "you are going to fast young man". Tough as nails my Ou' G and never backs down for anyone. So needless to say, we were happy when they allowed him in the country. Tack Sverige! 

As we toured Sweden with my parents, I also toured with my books. Yip, I am a student now. Pursuing my dream of studying Criminology with a major in Psychology. You can of course see how this confuses my friends as my life advice always revolves around music, sexy time and the occasional nut busting. I admit, my advice and logic is not conventional but with everything going on around us, clearly the classical methodologies are not working. It is time for a radical approach and maybe just maybe I can string together some great theories linked to sexy time, nut busting and world peace. 

Stay tuned for the next episode as we hitting Vienna soon for our annual basketball match up. Those Austrian thunderkatts sure are suckers for punishment and clearly must have amnesia to have forgotten that last ass whippin' we gave them. Alas, we will go to the VIE again and hang out with the homies and ball because apparently ball is life. 

Isaacs IN!

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