Thursday, 9 April 2015

Just Wing It!

I saw this post once on Broseph Idas Instagram account that made me burst out with laughter. Now it wasn't exactly the funniest thing since George Bush got thrown with two slippers but it made me laugh nonetheless. It was just plain black text on white that read "The older you get, the more you realize no one has a fucking clue what they're doing. Everyone is just winging it." After the laughter subdued I couldn't help think about our parents that raised us without the technological advancements of today. Surely if we are currently 'winging it' then they should have Colonel or General status by now whilst us mere mortals only roam about with 2nd Lieutenant status. 

As I am slowly but surely starting to move off the calender in terms of birthdays, I cant help but commend our folks for raising us without Internet, baby books, health warnings, cellphones and Netflix. Massive round of applause to the old folk out there for keeping us off the streets and entertained with library cards, sticks, yo-yo's and a deck of cards. 

As brilliant as the Internet is, it is also the main and biggest reproductive system of nimrods. Thanks to the Internet, every Tom, Dick and Harry is now a 'know it all' and because Wikipedia said so, it has to be right. This causes a mass influx in nimrosia because not only are we all winging it and flying through stormy weathers, we have to weather the storm with some first officer who Wikipedia'd his way through flying school. 

Surely there were nimrods in our old folks heyday so how did they handle them? How did they protect themselves from nimrosia? There definitely was no Internet so that was one good thing for them. Do not get me wrong, I love the inter webs especially when there is zero chill on certain aspects. I just cant fathom the nimrosia. 

Isaacs still looking...

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