Monday, 23 March 2015

Still Hustlin'

As the job search continues and intensifies out here in the STO, I begin to comprehend just how tough it is for immigrants to land a respectable job outside their native country. Constantly trying new approaches and getting rejected on the go makes me think of all the young thunderkatts out there on the dating scene. Lets face it, its kind of the same thing. You put yourself out there, only showing your best appearance, have one or two meets and then BOOM.... dead silence. You don't hear anything back and also don't want to contact them too much in fear of coming across as stalkish, creepy or a bit rapey. Nobody likes that rapey vibe! So instead you just wait and start doubting yourself and that "maybe its me" sadness kicks in. Yes, its tough out there on the job front and if you not ass kissing, you fresh outta luck young man. You need to have a fresh stench of ass on your breathe if you wish to be employed. 

Despite all the rejections and me not having ass breathe, that "maybe its me" sadness has not kicked in yet. I credit this to that African hustle mentality and Thabo's "I am an African" speech. Also a recent trip to my beloved Mzansi in celebration of SnowFlake's birthday with friends was not only refreshing but also rejuvenating. I've said this before and I will say it again: If you ever feel crap or kränkt about your life here in Europe, take a short left and go visit Africa. You will be amazed at how happy people are despite their circumstances and on going battles they face. Everyday it's back to the drawing board for me but its that African hustle and the spirit of my peoples back home that keeps me going. 

If I can show these peeps some African magic and happiness, then surely I can impose that magic here too. I mean just look how happy they are after waking up at 3am to hike Lions Head. Just need to break down the barriers and kick in the door. 

Do not give up, Never give in and refuse to accept 'No' as an answer(This applies to the job hunt guys, not the dating scene). No means No in any other context gents, lets not emanate that rapey vibe. Nobody likes that.

Isaacs looking... 

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