Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Digital Footprint

As the new year approaches and folk start reflecting back on their 2014 and start with the "new year. new me" crap, I actually only have one resolution...  

"Be More Aware of my Digital Footprint" 

I cannot emphasize this enough kids, take care of your digital footprint! Have you ever Google'd yourself and see what comes up? Web links, images, videos, disturbing news, etc. With myself and numerous mates being on the job market due to retrenchment, we obviously started Googling and searching each other to see which incriminating data and images comes up. My God were we shocked! Let me tell you right now that I am so overjoyed at the fact that technology was not around for my teenage and adolescent years. Within just a few years of becoming a techno slave, I have a digital footprint so nasty and clear that even Ray Charles can see what I've been up to. My mates weren't any better as one of them has "Hitler'd a b*tch" and the other was literally trash talking the same company where he is now applying for a job.

Take care of your digital footprint people and be careful with what you put on the net and what you say. Once its out there, its out there and you stand a better chance of curing Ebola than erasing digital you. To the new age parents out there, please don't publicize your kids life on the internet. That young thunderkatt or thunderkitten will probably be forever bullied with all the incriminating naked pics of him or her online. Give the lil kid a chance in the digital world at least. Yes, I know you want everyone to see how cute your prince/princess is but that same everyone includes pedophiles that is now probably beating themselves off to pictures of your little one in the bath. Rather change the privacy settings so that only your family or close friends can see those pictures. 

I for one would NOT hire myself or any of my mates after entering a search in Google or any other search engine. With that being said, I'm off trying to clear my digital footprint and re-brand myself. 

My gift to you this Xmas.... Go Google yourself.

Isaacs IN....

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