Friday, 5 December 2014

End of an Era

After 8 years of services rendered and loyalty, we have been thanked with a GFY and work out your notice period. Being made redundant is actually not all that bad. Myself and all the 50+ "redundees" can now focus on our CV's and look forward to a fresh start. The initial shock, hatred, anger and depression only lasted a few hours and was quickly calmed and soothed by the thought of the leftovers. This brought much needed joy and laughter.

It's a real pity we have to work the 4 month notice period even after being told we no longer needed. Could have focused on Game 2 of our STO vs VIE basketball series. During Wiener Wiesn Fest 2014, LaFaille, Maggz and myself jetted off to Vienna to join the festivities and also hand out a whoppin' to the VIE katts on their own court. 

Wiener Wiesn 2014
After a brief team huddle and game plan strategy, we took on the VIE katts and within minutes were up 12-4 and 25-10 at the break. The VIE katts looked deflated and without their star man Roos Dookin, they looked directionless like Ray Charles behind the wheel of a F1 car. Apparently Roos Dookin was in Berlin that weekend but later sources revealed that he was actually hiding away in his apartment out of fear for that ass whoopin' in his own back yard. What followed in the 3rd quarter I cant recall due to CoachAwesome's overwhelming musky body odor. I was tasked with guarding him and choosing to play without a top on definitely worked to his advantage during the 3rd quarter. With me being dosed and light headed due to CoachAwesome's pungent odor, he was free to score a few easy buckets. This in turn gave SimonSez rejuvenated spirit and with one sip of his water bottle (which I'm now convinced was filled with muti), he played like a man possessed. He must of dug deep into his Ancestral history because he started handing out ass whoopins like it was the 1800's. With SimonSez on full Westbrook mode, the game was tied at 50 and despite LaFaille's best efforts, we lost out 52-54 at the buzzer. 

After freshening up and picking up our bruised ego from the court, we headed off to Wiener Wiesn (Vienna's Oktoberfest) to partake in the festivities. As I was still light headed from the basketball game, not much can be remembered from the Wiesn.
they serve non-alcoholic as well

Fun was had by all and it is definitely something to do and a must experience when you are in Vienna that time of year. Game 2 is apparently taking place in the STO and the date is yet to be confirmed. Should our employment situation change then maybe we can fly back to VIE instead. For now, we just basking in the ambiance of our new found freedom and working on our resume. 

Hook a brother up! 

Isaacs IN!

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