Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thank You Brazil

Just over a month ago we were all still so captivated by Brazil and the mouth watering clash between the hosts and Germany that was set to take place. Now 30 days later nobody gives a flying rats ass about Brazil or the struggle people were protesting about. Hell, we all being fed the Russia-US-Ukraine BS and a dash of Palestine with some Syria sprinkled here and there. Just like Willy Wonker, the damn media knows just how to 'boef' us and keep us distracted. Sugar coating all kinds of shit but I digress, Thank You Brazil, Obrigado! 

You accepted myself and Mzansi friends that has never traveled and embraced us with your culture, enthusiasm, passion and Portuguese. Even though you threw a few surprises and curve balls our way, you were marvelous nonetheless. Obrigado. 

After 20 hours of travel and 3k for a transit visa that was never even checked once, SnowFlake and I arrived in Sao Paulo. We still needed to catch another flight to Florianopolis with 6 hours to kill. After devouring some delicious yet strange Brazilian delicacy(it's actually called coxinha and its amazing), SnowFlake did what she does best. That left me with my all time favorite hobby and pastime: People Watching. 

BR 2014 Crew on the Copacabana
Taking the people watching game global was always a dream but like I mentioned before, there is a fine line between people watching and being a damn stalker. From my astute observation just sitting in Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport, a mere glimpse of Brazil but accurate with the stigma and stereotype nonetheless. There was an abundance of booty and breasts among the women and the men are rapey looking as fuck! Blondes are scarce hence them drooling and staring at SnowFlake as if she were a unicorn. 

When we arrived in Florianopolis, I just wanted a warm shower and nice long session of dropping the kids at the pool. To my dismay and horror, I found out that in South America, you cannot dispose your shitty paper in the toilet. You have to discard it in some brown paper/plastic bag next to you. Failing to do this will lead to you clogging up the entire regions pipes. Needless to say the whole damn village will be well pissed at you. 

My Brazilian Doppelganger
After a marvelous week spent in Florianopolis and meeting some great peeps, we arrived in soaking wet, overcast Rio. Despite the initial weather, the scenery and energy was breathtaking and amazing. The women are as stunning and voluptuous as the reputation they have. The men are all tanned and half naked so SnowFlake was having a feast with eye candy(I only found this out when we got home, what an idiot). The cuisine is divine and hospitality impeccable. I can go on and on and on about how amazing Brazil is but at the end of the day, you need to experience it for yourself. Don't believe all the bad press you read in your BBC's and your CNN's. Get out there, experience it and when you return, maybe you will also suffer from #ADIDAB as Poena and LayRoo call it.

Maracana Stadium before kick off
With Rio 2016 set to take off and be one bad ass Olympic event, you can rest assure that myself and the BR 2014 Crew will be back there, come hell or high water. 

Once again, thank you Brazil.

Isaacs IN.... 

*ADIDAB means All Day I Dream About Brazil. Poena coined that phrase on his return to Mzansi.

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