Friday, 19 July 2013

The sober side of life

For those that still don't know, Yes, I decided to quit drinking and go to rehab. This was obviously a decision I did not take lightly and gave it a lot of thought. Im pleased to say though that "so far, so good" and all is going well. So how is rehab you ask? Well, I can say that we watch too much American movies because rehab is NOTHING like the crap we see on our tv screens. Or at least Swedish rehab isn't. I was expecting the famous '12 step program' to be unleashed but Swedes don't do God and Jesus and all that religious stuff so they just skip most of that and have their own program. It's actually very professional and intimate in the sense that you have an entire team dedicated to one individual. This somewhat shocked me as I was expecting the whole group session where one retired pastor leads the group and we all have to stand up and introduce ourselves. I guess things work different in Sweden because over here its actually the alcoholic that has a team of doctors, psychologists and Rehabvägledare and they the ones standing up and introducing themselves.   

I cant exactly pin point what it was that led me to this place but it just feels right. I cant continue living in the cusp of death thinking that it wont be me. Personally I feel like I've bottle popped, model dropped and turnt up enough to call it quits now already. 

One thing I am going to comment on is that sober life is just as expensive as bottle poppin' and drinking. The drinking Gods must be punishing me for letting them down because all of a sudden I now need a root canal, a dental implant and a dental bridge. And if that is not enough additional expenses, I now have the appetite of a sumo wrestler and cravings of a pregnant lady. All of a sudden drinking sounds like a good idea but the thought of looking like a toothless hobo in my 30's is less appealing. So I'll stick to being sober for now thank you.  

Another aspect I picked up on is that its the ones closest to you that doubt and don't believe change is possible. They actually rooting for your failure. I guess thats why they called close friends. Luckily I am at peace with myself and I rather use their negativity as a steam to power my sobriety.  

Isaacs IN....


  1. WOW Uran..This is soooo inspiring and i wish you well on your new journey! i know that you will grow beyond your own expectations...very proud of you and def rooting for you!!
    from allison all the way from Africa...

  2. Yo dawg jokes aside there are much deeper pleasures in life much much deeper than the bottom of a bottle of Courvoisier... perhaps will take me up on a offer of extreme downhill boarding now hehehehehe !!! Good luck brother-man you can dooo eeet !!! vasbyt

  3. Hey guy. Hope things are going well.

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