Saturday, 15 June 2013

Being 30

Almost every year without fail, I would celebrate my 25th birthday. Not only was this a debaucherous occasion but also the hassle of getting yet another fake ID was borderline psychotic. Last year however, I celebrated #BirthdayCelebrationMonth and did something different. I spent an entire month being wasted, waking up in strange places, foreign countries and kitchen floors. Many folk wondered why I would spend my 25th birthday like this but I did it that way for it was my final years of my 20's. 

What does it mean to be 30? Is it being in a serious relationship where compromise, respect and support is just as important as sexy time and beauty? Is it normal at this age to cough a few times while a random medical stranger is cupping your nutsack? Is this a normal age to then have another stranger with a medical title insert a long snake like protrusion in your back door in search of God knows what! Was it a fact finding mission? Are you then still an anal virgin or does that now make you gay? 
I surely do not know what it means to be 30 and I dont have the foggiest clue what to expect. All I wanted to do was celebrate my 30th in style and do something different. That pray was answered in the form of my beloved SnowFlake who took it upon herself to make sure that it was magical and memorable. She invited a few of my mates to come and celebrate my 30th on her island out in the Swedish Archipelago. For the purpose of secrecy, we shall refer to said location as 'SnowFlakes Island' from here forth. 

We arrived at SnowFlakes Island after sunset on the Wednesday and just cruising through the archipelago during summer surely does something to you. You immediately get a surreal feeling of bliss and tranquility. That also quickly changed to fear because I realized that should SnowFlake decide to go all Hostel on me, this would be the perfect setting. Nobody would ever find my body out here in the middle of nowhere. That wasn't the case unless Im SpongeBob square pants writing this post from under the sea! Amongst many different aspects of the weekend, one of the highlights was waking up to a hoisted South African flag on the island the morning of my birthday. Many of the other stories also cannot be divulged due to privacy rules however, I can honestly say that it was indeed magical, memorable and different. 

I have no idea what to expect in this era of 30's. Apparently hangovers now last 2 days and every weekend is a baby shower or wedding. What I do know and what I am sure about is that change is imminent. Whether it be change in the form child birth or change in the form of marriage. Change is imminent my friend. For me, that change is in the form of rehab.... 

Colin out... 
Isaacs IN!

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