Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Valborg. If you don't know, now you know!

Imagine the Jozi or Great CPT business district. Now imagine that specific CBD without buildings, in fact replace it with architecture from the early 1800's surrounded by greenery, parks, water features and beauty. Fill that with sweet black baby Jesus' most beautiful and amazing creatures all in one place. Happy, singing, laughing, sharing, caring and not a concern nor negative complaint that one would usually associate with Swedish winter folk. The streets are filled and lined with vicarious, happy, radiant and relieved people. You get a sense of relieve yet solace and reparation as you walk around in the city. 

People have literally awoken from hibernation and if there is any capital of this statement, then Uppsala it is! This city exudes what we envision bears do every winter. Why do we go to the zoo to await the awakening of a bear? Rather go to Uppsala during Valborg to witness the awakening of mankind and the human race. Its a beautiful thing I tell you. SnowFlake and all other folk tried to warn me weeks before that it is something that you cannot prepare for yet I did not heed the call and shrugged off the warnings. Needless to say I was in a critical condition the days following the debauchery that is Valborg.

It started off very quietly with a "champagne breakfast" at some blokes house and I remember thinking to myself "Self, how hardcore are these people if they have champagne. Ppppffft this should be a piece of cake". That was my last sober memory I can tell you that much. Upon arrival at this blokes spot, we entered his vacant apartment where the only furniture was a DJ booth, J├Ągermeister shot tubes, tons of booze and champagne. I have a vivid recollection of breakfast being present yet I cannot confirm this thought. Luckily I have a video to refresh my memory that was taken at 08h15. Note the time stamp as this might explain why I was inebriated at 11h00 that day.  

I cant remember much after this breakfast party but I do recall walking through a park filled with Sweden's finest and bumping into "Timmy" and "TheAngus". We parked off and helped our self to some of their bbq and booze only to lose them whilst strolling through the streets. I really cant recall much of the days events other than it was amazing and don't wear expensive clothing as you will be soaked by champagne showers. Trust me, should you ever find yourself in Sweden at the end of April, head to Uppsala to experience Valborg. You will never be the same again. 

Colin out....

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