Thursday, 18 April 2013

Its time to return....

Its been way too long...

Wow, its really been a minute since I've been on the scene. Lots has happened since my last post and when I say lots I mean re-invention of the wheel guys and girls. Myself and 'ScienceGirl' took a much needed winter break and escaped to The Mother City. Trust me, nothing elevates a relationship like a trip to The Great CPT and showing off one of Africa's jewels. She immediately fell in love with my hometown and I no longer need to ask her "do you like my city" because that question is answered by the gigantic smile on her face. From here onward 'ScienceGirl' is now known as 'SnowFlake' as she kinda has that Prince thing going on where she just randomly recreates, re-invents and switches things up. Including her name. Yeah, she is that bad ass! 

The disturbing aspect of coming back from vacation is that you get slapped with a sledge hammer called reality. My reality punch surprised the living day lights out of me. From my lala land vacation I came back to even more racism. Violence towards women in my beloved South Africa is staggering and astonishingly nothing is being done to curb and stop it. Oscar Pistorious didn't help either by shooting his girlfriend. Gruesome gang rapes is a daily occurrence and is actually trending like a damn hash tag on Twitter or Instagram. To add further insult to injury, I came to find out that Sweden has the *second highest rape stats in the world and highest in Europe. 

Surely I am not the only person appalled by these vile, disgusting and inhumane acts. I know I am not alone because I see all the posts, protests and petitions on social media. Does this do anything? Does this change anything? Is everything that simple that we merely change the world with a click of a button or a like or comment or retweet? I didn't think so! What is required is action! Where are the lawmakers? Where are the politicians? We don't need protests and likes and petitions. We need laws to be amended so that this vile disease can be ended. A strong message and stern warning should be sent and examples made that reverberates through generations. 

Colin Out..... 

*Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe and one of the highest in the world. The data is per capita of reported cases only. 

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