Thursday, 10 January 2013

Generalize! Who me? Never!

I don't generalize; I state fact and refer back to previous experiences. Lately I've been accused of generalizing and not seeing aspects as individual cases. This knocked me on the chest and smacked me out of the ball park for a clean cut 6. However, being the ever illusive Saffa that I am, I rolled back into the ball park to state my case.  

* "Women should stay in the kitchen and out of the boardrooms" that's generalizing! 

* "Black men have huge dicks" that's generalizing! 

* "All swedes are beautiful" that's generalizing!  

* "Africans are scared of water" that's generalizing! 

* "Dental care in Sweden is far from great and should just be called dental practice" that's fact! 

Allow me to explain, or no wait, why don't you revert back to each and every example I just stated and try to justify or dispute that statement.... 

Just this morning in the tunnelbana an elderly gentleman screamed at me pointing out the fact that my bag was destructing the traffic flow of commuters in the train. Bear in mind that my tiny laptop bag was actually resting on my lap and a mere 3cm was leaning over my lap towards the pathway of passengers walking by. Coupled with the fact that there was only 7 passengers in the entire carriage, made it even more funnier! This clearly infuriated this gentleman whose wife is probably banging someone else hence the morning anger(I cant blame her either if she is). Either that or he probably found out about his beloved daughter's African lover. I decided to infuriate him further by responding in my best Afrikaans-English Cape Colored accent stipulating that I don't understand him as I am not Swedish. At this point I could see his stroke starting to develop and he mustered out "Javla Invandrare". I just smiled and continued to listen to music. 

"Racism still alive, people just concealing it" fact or generalizing? 

Colin Out......

**Javla Invandrare = Fucken Immigrant**

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