Friday, 31 August 2012

End of Summer Sale

As summer drastically comes to an abrupt end in Sweden, the festivals get less, outdoor pubs and parks are derelict, shorts and skirts are replaced with leggings and denims and the warm friendly smiles vanish. The end of summer is not all bad though, because with the end comes "sommar slut rea". This means end of summer sale in Swedish and should not only be confused with clothing and shopping sprees. Oh no my young thunderkatts, I was referring to 'the pull' over here. If you at this point still don't know what we referring to, please stop reading, do yourself a favor and subscribe to "Garden & Home" my friend.  

Just as with any last minute closing sale, there are a few things to be made aware of. Please allow me to elaborate and highlight two points:

*Be prepared for a lot of crazy people running around trying to grab(what they assume to be) the best deal.
*Avoid 'flashy and shiny' things. Try and look beyond the surface if you want something to last longer than the weekend.

But probably thee most important point I would say, have fun!!!! You can literally pick up 11 items for the price of one. The chance of getting buyers remorse is also eradicated by 'price over value' ratio. Always bear in mind that everyone else came with the same budget, however, you have been saving up and 'holding back'  the entire summer. Now it is your time young man!!! So to everyone that didn't capitalize on European Summer 2012, I say unto you my brethren, go forth and take sommar slut rea by the horns. As my beautiful people in South Africa would say "Feel it, it is here". Within that massive pile of items, there is a bargain and gem for you! However, if you only reading this on Monday, September 3rd, sorry buddy. You missed out on the sale of the year. Purchase a pair of Crocs, subscribe to Garden&Home and cry yourself to sleep.

Colin Out.......

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