Friday, 11 April 2014

Nothing Was The Same

Recently I went back to the motherland to attend the wedding of my homie StreetKat. This trip, albeit expensive and costly, could not have come at a better time. When you wake up every morning and tell yourself "I swear to God if this marfarker fuck with me today, it's on!", then you know things are bad and you need a break. What better place to relax and unwind than the Motherland! It was time for yet another trip to the Mother City, my beloved CPT. Unfortunately the lovely SnowFlake couldn't make it due to work commitments but she made the trip viable in every possible way. 

Needless to say I was excited like a blind man in a titty bar once I boarded the flight because I knew I would get out of the EU for a while and regain my sanity in Mzansi with my family and friends. Just thinking of the laughter, dancing, story telling, late nights, eating, drinking, singing, sharing and fun that was awaiting me had me glowing like a rave stick at a MDMA festival. 

Straight off the flight I was embraced by my family and whisked away to homemade Sunday lunch like only Moms can do. After freshening up and sharing some stories, laughter and jokes with the fam, I tried to get in contact with the Lads.... Nothing! I didn't pay it no mind because they probably were still hungover from StreetKat's STAG weekend. Eventually I got hold of RPC and we checked up on StreetKat and spent the night catching up on what went down since I've been gone. It was a slight concern as I only saw RPC, StreetKat and Paulie for the entire week and was starting to wonder where the hell the rest of the guys were. Did someone contract a disease? Is Ebola back? What the fuck was going on? 

Sure enough Meister hooked up during the week and made several appearances. He is always pretty much a sure thing and always rocks up like Mayweather on fight night. With the wedding day a few hours away it dawned upon me, nothing was the same anymore. Everybody has kids now. Girlfriends and gym schedules dictate what and where things need to be done. Somehow all my friends had their balls surgically removed simultaneously and placed on a glass display for all others too see. Below the glass display reads a sign that says "Take heed, your days are numbered". This realization shot immediate dejection through my soul and struck deep like a young man getting his anal cherry popped in Pollsmoor prison. 

Finally it was the big day! With StreetKat being the first to take this leap into the unknown, everyone was nervous. I was shaking like a crack junkie in his third rehab week and it wasn't even my day. So I can only but imagine how daunting this must have been for StreetKat and his beautiful bride. Thanks to Black Baby Jesus, everything went smoothly and the day was amazing, emotional, beautiful and perfect. With all the formalities and speeches done, I finally saw my mates for the first time since arriving and we hit the dance floor and bar area harder than Pete Rose in his prime! We laughed, danced, told stories, ate, drank and sang until late in the night. It was like nothing changed and with a blink of an eye we just picked up where we left off. Yes, things has changed but one thing is for sure, when we get together, there will be laughter, dancing, story telling, late nights, eating, drinking, singing, sharing and kak praat. Have you ever danced so much that you had calluses so bad causing you to wear flip-flops for a week? I'm just saying...

Isaacs IN


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  2. Your only as young as you think!

  3. Ah, the Lad Fraternity. There is none like them. I take my hat off to these boys from the 'hood (not boys anymore, gentlemen now).So, September, roll on. Cape Town can't wait to see you and your beloved Snowflake for the Morris wedding. Die ding gaan ruk!! Till then, peace out!

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