Friday, 20 April 2012

What did I get myself into???

Surely all of us had that thought at least once in our adolescent years. I've had numerous encounters with this dreaded situation but my most recent one is probably because of my own trash talk abilities. You see a few weeks ago, my trash talk abilities got me into a 3 on 3 basketball challenge with a colleague who we will refer to as CoachAwesome from here onward. Now I know you thinking how bad can it possibly be, I mean its just basketball, right? Wrong! Bear in mind I'm a young lad from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town who attended a 'previously Model C' school. Your sporting options as a boy was rugby and.... well that was it really. The closest I came to basketball was watching the girls netball team. Needless to say I should of listened to my inner retard and back down from this challenge. But as always, my inner voice of reason made a guest appearance and we all know what happens when 'Colin' arrives. So, I dug myself deeper into this hole with my pre-match trash talk of how I am going to rip CoachAwesome and his team a new orifice. 

To my fellow Northern Suburbans that is just as clueless as I am; 3 on 3 basketball is where two teams of 3 guys each, run around and try to throw the round ball into a very small hoop. What makes this challenge more interesting is that CoachAwesome actually got his name from being an awesome basketball player and coach. Pretty simple huh. His two other team mates, Gabreezi and LukeyFiasco are no strangers to the basketball court either. Gabreezi is a two time MVP in his hometown of Hard, Austria and LukeyFiasco was apparently called "The thunder from down under" whilst playing a few seasons in Latvia. I know what you thinking and don't worry, I agree. I am screwed! 

There is a glimmer of hope though, but just a glimmer. The two thundercatts on my team is just as unknown as I am. And, well lets face it, we are all scared of the unknown. Lafaille is an ex French basketball superstar that was kicked out of the country due to his explicit on and off court antics. He now roams the streets of Stockholm as a music producer however, we haven't heard a single beat from this bloke. The other guy goes by TJ. Yip, just TJ. However, Lafaille mentioned that they call him TJ "Nordic Johnson" over in Norway. I have no idea what that means but lets face it, Norwegians are pretty unpredictable. I mean look at that Anders Breivik dude....  

So if you guys and girls don't hear from me after this basketball challenge next week Saturday, I'm probably in hospital recovering from writing checks with my mouth that my ass couldn't cash! 

Colin out... 

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